PhotoShelter / Libris media Integration

Avoid downloading from PhotoShelter / Libris just to re-upload into Opendorse. One time setup offers hands-off automatic import of PhotoShelter to your Opendorse media library.  

Two-Step One Time Setup

  1. Locate your PhotoShelter/ Libris Organization ID and email it to your Account Manager to request integration set up.

Locate Libris Organization ID by clicking Admin > Account Settings 

Locate PhotoShelter Organization ID by clicking your Account Name > My Account > Account Info 

2. Share your PhotoShelter / Libris Collections or Galleries with the Opendorse email provided to you by your Account Manager.

  1. Select a Collection or Gallery
  2. Select Visibility and Access Settings icon in the right panel
  3. Add the unique email provided to you by your Account Manager to the Recipient(s) field
  4. Select the following media types:
    Image Type: Original file
    Video DL Type: Original file
    Audio DL Type: View Only (Note that Opendorse does not import audio)
    Other DL Type: View Only

    DL Type: Original file

   5. Click 'Save'

PhotoShelter - Finding Visibility and Access settings

Libris - Finding Visibility and Access settings

PhotoShelter - Setting Visibility and Access - Choose 'Original File'

Libris - Setting Visibility and Access - Choose 'Original File' for Image & Video

Tips and best practices:

  • Create a new Collection or Gallery specifically named for Opendorse or ONLY share Galleries and Collections within your current organizational structure that you intend to share with athletes - that way you only import only the media you need. 
  • Only select the "Inherit permissions" checkbox when sharing Collections if you want all subsequent Galleries/Collections to sync to Opendorse.
  • Libris only: Identify quickly whether Collections or Galleries are shared externally by the yellow and red icons in the grid. The full contrast yellow and red icons indicate that the Collection or Gallery is not shared externally. The dull yellow and red icons indicate the Collection or Gallery is shared externally.
  • When creating new Collections or Galleries that are embedded under a 'Parent' Collection or Gallery that is shared with Opendorse - the user will be prompted to 'Inheret sharing permissions' from the Parent or not. 

What's next:

  • The system auto-imports media whenever new media is added to shared PhotoShelter/Libris Collections and Galleries.
  • Share media with users! Media is ready to share when you log in to Opendorse.


For more help or questions, contact your Opendorse Account Manager.

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