Create a group of users and send them straight to the Composer or select your group in the Channel dropdown in the Composer. You will be able to narrow your channel selection by platform type if you want to send content to just Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Compose to Group from Roster Groups tab

  1. Select your Roster tab
  2. Select the Group tab
  3. Find the Group in your grid
  4. Select the more options icon on the right side of the row
  5. Select Compose
  6. View channels selected in your composer
  7. Compose content and Send!

Compose to Group inside Composer

  1. Select the 'Compose' button in the top navigation
  2. Select the 'Channel' dropdown
  3. Expand the Groups section inside the dropdown
  4. Select Group row to add all channels
  5. Select Twitter, Facebook or Instagram icons to narrow the channels selected
  6. Compose content and Send!

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