1. Navigate to your Media tab

Find this on your left navigation

2. Click the Share Folder button

You can share media from folders you have created as well as from 3rd parties like Photoshelter and Getty. You can do this two ways:

  1. Click the Share icon on the folder on your Media home page

2. Click into the Folder and select the 'Share Folder' button in the upper right corner

3. Select Users or a Group of users to Share to

Select individual users

Select a Group of users
If a Group's users are updated on your Roster tab – it will be updated here as well.

4. Add a Note to the User(s) (optional)

Add context or instructions like hashtags, mentions, or other information you want to tell the recipients. 

4. Click Save!


What's next?

Add new media for users whenever you want
User(s) will be informed every time new media is added to this folder – a notification will be sent 15 min after last upload has processed so they do not get spammed with multiple notifications. 

Check media usage
Expand a media to view the number of times it has been published

Track Posts published & Folder analytics
Find posts published under your Content tab by searching by the title of your Folder (which has created a Campaign). You will be able to see post data like reach, impressions, and engagement breakdown. You can also click more options to View Campaign Data to see total posts published, total reach, total impressions and total engagements.

Update Share Folder settings by clicking the Gear or Shared User icons

Add or remove users at any time. Adding new users will not resend notifications to existing users. You can also update the Note to the Users at any time (this will not send a new notification but be updated on the header of their shared folder each time they view it).

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