We optimize our user's experience based on popular devices/operating systems. 

The following are fully supported:


  • Safari
  • Chrome

Browsers NOT optimized (these are usable but not maintained due to the low number of users we have utilizing them)

  • Samsung Internet
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera

Mobile Operating Systems

  • iOS
  • Android (Pixel & Galaxy)

NOT supported at this time

  • OnePlus
  • Huawei 

Desktop Operating Systems

  • Macintosh
  • Windows

NOT optimized user experience at this time

  • Chrome OS

Screen Resolutions


414x896 (iOS) - 10, 10s, 10r

375x812 (iOS) - 8, 8+

375x667 (iOS)

414x736 (iOS)


  • 1920x1080 (Windows + Mac)
  • 1440x900 (Mac laptop)
  • 1680x1050- (Classic widescreen monitor)

NOT optimized user experience at this time

  • 360px and below 
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