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How it Works

Opendorse makes it simple to receive free, high-quality, engaging social content

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First, learn how to get started by signing up.

1. Receive a text

You’ll receive a text when content is sent for you to share.

2. Review and approve

Click the link in the text to review and approve or modify (optional) the content. Approve content using the Accept button.

3. Share content

Opendorse automatically publishes approved content to your Facebook Page and Twitter account instantly or at the scheduled time. For Instagram, you will receive a reminder when it’s time to share.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up?

Our mission is to help you share great content, engage your fans, and build your brand on social.

Is it safe for me to connect my social accounts?

Yes. Opendorse uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook-developed authorization tools, specifically created to keep your information safe and secure. Opendorse has no knowledge of your social passwords and only has access to post content you have specifically approved.  

What kind of content?

Some content types that could be shared with you:

+ Photos

+ Videos

+ Media featuring you

+ Customized graphics

Is this required? 

Participation is completely optional and you can opt-out of receiving content at any time.

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