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Why Opendorse

Find out why over 70k users trust Opendorse

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What Opendorse Does

  • Opendorse allows you full control of the content that goes out on your account

  • Opendorse allows you to edit the caption of every post

  • Opendorse allows you to do deals with companies and get paid quickly

  • Opendorse helps you stay compliant by automatically disclosing your deals

  • Opendorse helps you share awesome content on your social media feeds

  • Opendorse helps you build your personal brand on social media

What Opendorse Does Not Do

  • Opendorse never sees or has access to your password(s)

  • Opendorse never posts anything to your account without your approval

  • Opendorse does not monitor or access your private messages, data, or settings

  • Opendorse does not cost you anything

You Are in Good Company

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