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Breaking down: Pitching Athletes

A guide to a successful pitch to publish process

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When pitching athletes for a paid social media campaign, providing a clear and concise outline of the opportunity is imperative. Providing details at the forefront can help alleviate any back-and-forth or questions from marketing reps and allow you to move forward with the next steps or be in-market more quickly. Below, you’ll find some best practices that we’ve compiled for brands to think about, to help ensure your pitch is set up for success.


  • Provide a quick brief of your company, product, etc. and an overview of the social media campaign you’re interested in the athlete participating in.

  • Share your reasoning for why you would like the athlete to participate in the campaign or why he/she is an authentic fit.


Provide all of the deliverables you would like the athlete to provide in this campaign. This can include, but is not limited to…

  • # of social media posts and what social media platform

  • Create/provide [x] number of photos and/or videos for the posts

  • Ability to whitelist or paid promotion of the social posts

  • Length of term - how long would you like the posts to be live or ability to promote

  • Usage Rights (Brand will share/use photos on owned channels, RT/QT posts, etc.)

Sample Caption + Creative

  • If you’ve run similar campaigns in the past, share example posts to help provide the marketing rep and athlete an example of what their end-product would end up looking like.

  • If you don’t have previous examples, provide a sample caption and/or creative example


  • Share the offer you would pay the athlete for his/her participation in the campaign

Campaign Timing

Provide a detailed plan in regards to your ideal timing for each step in the campaign process, including…

  • Participation Confirmation, Provide Address, etc.

  • Receive products and content direction for supplying the creative assets

  • Create/return photos/videos for the social post(s) for brand review and approval

  • Post Timing (Post 1, 2, etc.)

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