New Features:

Advanced Comments for Disclosures

Advanced comments create additional opportunities for student-athletes, compliance teams, and athlete representatives to collaborate during the NIL activity disclosure process.

Advanced comments allow users to initiate direct comments to other parties on a disclosure. To create a new direct comment, users can type '@', which will populate a list of parties associated with the disclosure who may be asked to collaborate.

More than one party can be selected - such as both the student-athlete and their representative. Parties added in direct comments will receive an email or text notification depending on their preferences.

New Activity Log layout

Added search, sort and filter functionality along with grouping disclosure changes and updates by time.

Threaded comments

Threaded comments allow parties to respond to specific questions and responses inside the activity log. Threaded comments include an indicator of the number of replies posted for an initial comment.

Private commenting

Private comments can be made between parties of the disclosure and will only be visible to the individuals tagged in that comment.

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