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Auto-disclose enrollment for Deals
Auto-disclose enrollment for Deals
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In September 2021 we released a feature that allows a student-athlete to auto-disclose individual deals on Opendorse, removing the need for a disclosure to be submitted to their compliance teams or for their own record keeping.

We have enhanced this feature by allowing student-athletes to enroll in auto-disclosures for all deals, removing the need for them to opt-in to this option every time they complete a deal.

See details below on how to enroll in auto-disclose for your deals on Opendorse:

1) From the notification screen, select the acknowledgement checkbox and "Accept" the deal.

2) If you're not already enrolled in auto-disclose, you will be prompted to confirm your school affiliation. By clicking the 'Auto-disclose deals' button, you will auto-disclose this deal and be enrolled to auto-disclose any future deals you accept on Opendorse to the selected school.

3) To confirm that a deal has been auto-disclosed, the "Disclosed" status chip will display beside the deal name and the "View 1 disclosures" link will navigate you to the disclosure information.

4) You may unenroll in the auto-disclose option at any time. Go to your Profile settings for your account and select 'Disclosures' to toggle the Auto-disclose deals option off.

5) Any deals you may have accepted and not disclosed prior to being enrolled in auto-disclose are still eligible to be disclosed at any time. Simply return to view the deal details and a "Disclose" button will be available to disclose the deal.

Note: Enrolling in auto-disclose will only apply to deals you accept going forward. It will not auto-disclose previously accepted deals.

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