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2022 Disclosure Summary report

How to access your Disclosure Summary report in Opendorse

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The 2022 Disclosure Summary report is now available on the Opendorse web and mobile applications for student athletes. You may access your report by logging into your Opendorse account, navigating to your Disclosures page, and clicking the 'Download Disclosure Summary' button. If you participated on Opendorse in 2021, you will also be prompted to select either your 2021 or your 2022 disclosure summary.

The 2022 Disclosure Summary includes disclosures submitted through Opendorse prior to January 1, 2023 or disclosures with an activity date that completed during 2022. This document will download as a PDF that may be saved or shared with a tax professional.

Example of a Disclosure Summary

Important details about the 2022 Disclosure Summary

  • The value of a cash or in-kind disclosure listed on this summary represents the monetary value reportedly received for NIL activities disclosed via Opendorse in 2022.

  • If you failed to disclose activities in the Opendorse platform, this value will not reflect those activities.

  • If the value represented for a particular NIL activity does not match the value in the report, contact your institution’s compliance team to assure accurate record keeping of NIL activities for your 2022 tax reporting purposes.

  • The value on the Disclosure Summary is for tracking purposes only and should not be used as reporting for tax purposes. Additionally, this value may not match the value reported on your Opendorse 1099 if you have disclosed deals that were not pursued or paid out on the Opendorse platform.

  • You can find answers to commonly asked tax-related questions here.

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