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Athlete Proof In The Mobile App FAQs
Athlete Proof In The Mobile App FAQs
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You can now Upload, View and Edit proof from the deal details in the mobile app!

How do you get to the deal details?

  1. Login

  2. Go to Deals

  3. Go to the Deals tab

  4. Click into a deal

How to Upload proof from the deal details

  1. Go to the deal details for the deal

  2. Scroll down to the activities section

  3. Click 'Upload proof' for the activity

  4. Add the proof. This can be a combination of a link, text, or image.

  5. Click Submit

Proof Statuses

  • Upload proof

    • You are able to upload proof for the activity

  • View proof

    • View the proof that you have submitted

    • Once you view the proof, you can edit the proof as long as the activity isn't in the status of completed

  • View disputed proof

    • See why the proof was disputed by the deal sender

    • You can edit the proof and resubmit the proof to the deal sender

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