How payments work on Opendorse

So you've sent a deal, now what? This guide walks you through how your payment is processed on Opendorse.

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You found your favorite athlete, built the perfect deal, entered your credit card information, and hit send. You may be thinking, "what happens next?".

When you send a deal, your card will be charged the full amount of the Deal. Here are some FAQ's to keep in mind:

Q: I just sent a deal for consideration. Where did my money go?

A: The full amount of the deal is now recognized as a pending transaction in your account. You can find this in the "Payments" tab. This number will reflect the amount of money you have tied up in active deals.

Q: But the offer hasn't been accepted yet. Has the athlete been paid?

A: No! The athlete will only be paid as they complete the deal activities that you outlined and provide proof that they have done so. An athlete has not yet been officially paid until an activity is marked as Completed.

Q: What if the athlete rejects my offer?

A: If the deal is canceled, the athlete rejects the offer, or if it expires, the total amount of the deal will move from "pending transactions" to your account balance.

Q: How do I spend money that's in my account balance?
A: You can now use your account balance to send deals to other athletes! Your card will not be charged for your new deal(s), because the payment was processed for the original offer. You can use the "Browse athletes" button from your payments tab to start searching for your next athlete!

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Yes! Once you click the "Refund balance" button, you'll be prompted to email our support team, who will process the refund for you. Stripe, our payment processor, recommends to allow 5-10 business days for the refund to reach your bank account.

Q: Has this process changed recently?
A: This process is in effect as of August 1st, 2022. We rolled out a new version of our platform that features our new way of handling payments. In previous versions, we placed a temporary hold for the amount of each Deal as soon as it was sent. Some banks flagged these transactions, causing confusion for the buyer and delaying Deal completion. We saw an opportunity to improve the buyer's experience by charging the card once the Deal is sent, and adding the deal value to the buyer's account balance as a pending transaction.

Please note: The payments tab is currently only accessible from the web at Refunds cannot be requested from the mobile app at at this time. Please reach out to via email or send us a chat from the app if you need help accessing your account!

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