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Everything you need to know about the Opendorse Athlete Rate Card™

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Opendorse ARC - Opendorse Rate Card

We built ARC to help athletes know what their market value is for a given NIL activity. Here are some ARC FAQ's!

Q: What is Opendorse ARC?
A: The Opendorse Athlete Rate Card (ARC) provides an estimated market value for athlete NIL activities. We use a patented formula along with public and user-submitted marketplace data to determine prices.

Q: Do I have to use the prices from Opendorse ARC?
A: No. While all athletes will be opted-in to Opendorse ARC by default, you can always set your own prices for activities. The next answer walks you through it!

Q: Where can I find my ARC values?

A: Follow these steps to find and edit your ARC values in the Opendorse app!

  1. From your home screen, click your profile picture in the top right

  2. Next, click "Deal preferences"

  3. Click "View pricing" next to a Deal category

  4. Click the activity that you'd like to edit

  5. Type in the desired amount, and click "Save" in the top right

    If you'd like to reset this value back to the ARC price, click "Use Opendorse's activity price"

  6. Once you click "Save", your changes will be live in the marketplace

Q: How accurate is Opendorse ARC?
A: We designed Opendorse ARC to account for the majority of athletes that meet similar criteria. It is an estimate of your NIL activity prices and may not take every unique situation into account.

Q: How do I increase my Opendorse ARC values?
A: Improving your profile strength and completing deals can help make your ARC prices more accurate.

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