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New Features for Opendorse Compliance
New Features for Opendorse Compliance

View disclosures by deal and make bulk changes to status

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Opendorse has released several new features for compliance users that help them save time and be more efficient. A detailed guide on each of these features can be found below.

'Disclosures by deal' dashboard view

Many athlete deals on Opendorse contain multiple activities for an athlete to complete, resulting in multiple disclosure statuses that need to updated by compliance users.

The new 'Disclosure by deal' view provides an alternate workflow for reviewing and updating disclosures for an athlete based on a deal instead of the individual disclosure activity.

Auto-disclose icon, 'Deal name', and 'Disclosing party'

The first two columns for the 'Disclosures by deal' view will indicate the name of the deal and the athlete name (as the disclosing party). The auto-disclose icon will appear next to the deal name if the deal was auto-disclosed by the athlete on Opendorse.

'Total value' & 'Disclosure count'

The 'Total value' column represents the total dollar value reported for all activities in the deal and the 'Disclosure count' column indicates the total number of activities for that deal.


The 'Status' column lists the overall status of the deal and activity disclosures.

A value of 'Multiple statuses' means the activities for a given deal have different statuses, which may happen for activities that are occurring monthly for a year long deal that an athlete has agreed to doing. For example, a Twitter post activity that took place in September may be marked as Permissible but the Twitter post activity for October and November is marked as Reviewed to indicate compliance has only initially reviewed the activity.

The status may also be set to a single existing status such as 'Reviewed' or 'Disputed'. This indicates that all the activities associated with the deal have the same status.

Bulk status changes

The bulk status change feature is available in the new deal details page (see screenshot below). Users can access this page by clicking the 'Deal name' or 'Disclosure count' links in the new 'Disclosures by deal' view. Alternatively, users may also click the option ellipse and select 'View Details'.

Deal details page

After accessing the deal details, users can update the disclosure activities from a single location or select from the status pill in the top right corner to update all the activities to a single status.

Status update notifications for athletes

A new notification will be sent to athletes when multiple disclosure activities are updated from the deal details view to prevent a notification being sent for each status update.

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