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Create a Deal

Build a Deal Offer for an Athlete

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  • After logging into Opendorse, click Deals

  • Click the Build deal button in top navigation or on right-hand side of the screen

Make sure Offer is selected, and select Next Step

  • Select at least one Recipient

You can select multiple recipients which will duplicate the Deal offer with the same details (brief, activities, fulfillment date, payment, payment method, etc.)

  • Select at least one of the listed Activities that will be included as part of this Deal

    • You may select multiple activities within a deal

    • If the athlete you have selected has not opted into the specified activity, you will be notified after selecting the activity.

After selecting your activities for the Deal, click Activity details at the top of the navigator

  • Enter Payment for specific Activity.

    • Please note, users can designate deal minimums for Activities. If subtotal of the deal entered is less than the user’s minimum, error text will be displayed underneath the amount you have entered saying "Requires payment amount increase"

    • Payment amount can always be negotiated in the chat and later updated from the Deals page

  • Choose Fulfillment date and time from calendar selector to specify when you want the athlete to submit their deliverable to you.

    Please note: If the athlete does not accept or decline your offer by the fulfillment date, the deal will automatically expire, and the funds associated with the deal will be moved to your Opendorse account balance. Click here for more information on our payment process.

  • Enter a name for the Deal

  • Provide a Brief of the Deal in the text field

    • The more details the better! The instructions in the brief are going to be what the athlete uses to complete your deal.

    • This text box supports line breaks, hyperlinks, and a maximum of 2,000 characters

    • Click here to read some Best Practices when it comes to pitching users

    • Click here to read our Blog post on writing the perfect Opendorse Deals™ brief

  • You can access additional optional fields by scrolling down below the brief.

  • Choose expiration date/time by clicking Add Expiration Date. After this time, a user will no longer be able to review/accept/pass on the Deal.

  • Add Deal to a new or existing campaign under the + Add to a campaign text. You create a new campaign by typing in the field (ex. “First Deal Campaign”) and then clicking the + Add <NAME> text in the dropdown (ex. + Add “First Deal Campaign”) or selecting an existing one

Review & Send Deal

  • Before adding a payment method and sending your deal offer out, you will be prompted to review your deal. Take this time to make sure your deal and its components are exactly how you want it. You'll want to make sure the checklist on the left side of the navigator has marked everything up to this point as Completed.

  • After you have reviewed the deal, you will be prompted to select a payment method to pay for the deal. If you have not already added a credit card to your account, you can do so by clicking Add Credit Card.

  • Check the box next to the Terms & Conditions to acknowledge that you have reviewed and understand the terms that will govern this deal.

  • When you are ready, click Send Deal to finalize and send the deal to the athlete

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